Saturday, January 29, 2011

Monday, September 20, 2010

Broken Treadmill

The coined phrase, "it is wild to see how far we have come" seems to be a fitting reflection for many folks. For me it wild to see how long the car has been in neutral. Perhaps i set unrealistic expectations, have a poor perspective on real growth, or may be hedging towards simple pessimism. There is something noble in your development to set your dreams on a mountain top and begin the process or equipping yourself for the summit. So often times I (and people in general) end up at the bottom of the mountain spending precious time skipping rocks and spinning carabiners rather than embracing the duty at hand. I assume some of the apprehension is based on fear of change or is masked with the label of procrastination. I battle the cliche to achieve potential or excellence because I am afraid that if i achieve it then it will only fester into passiveness. Motivation is all that matters and when you finally defeat the selfish demons that drive most motivations the tank must be filled with a different fuel. To attempt to grasp an eternal fuel or motivation is an ideal that i seem to struggle with at this point. I can collect myself and understand the concept of denying selfish pursuits but I feel as if it leaves us in limbo between true soul service and internal idol worship. This is the most dangerous place to rest when it comes to motivation. No false promise to push or prod and no divine beacon or driving force to reinforce the challenge ahead. This place develops a sense of numbness and state of sensationless that can leave you crippled.

That is the crossroads that I and so many other Christians have to face at this point. Developing a commitment of faith must have a divine motivation and not a motivation for earthly legacy. You have to get aggressive with God and demand that soul fire that turns weak church-speak into real experience that is authentic and free from fabrication. Lets be honest, God set unrealistic expectations with Christ and Jesus decided to man up to take care of business in a snapshot of a life that most of us live. We give honor to average people for what they do with 90 years on this earth and He tore this place apart in 1/3rd of that time. I pray that I find the fortitude to embrace a push and to demand the vision of an opportunity from Him.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The mucous membranes are saturated

Survival can be an ironic thing in life. "Hey do you think you are gonna make it?", is a common question that is darted at you when you are sick. After being asked that 36 times last weekend as I was powered juggernaut mode through wedding activities I have decided that moving forward that I will begin to answer that question sarcastically as possible. Example, "Ya I am gonna make it but I don't know if i can say the same sentiment about you if you ask me again.."

In all actuality it always feels good that people care about your well-being and I really never mind when someone asks how I am feeling.. What if everyone had the same knee jerk reaction and asked people how they were doing spiritually though? "Hey I heard your spirit is feeling like dung... Think you're gonna make it???" "Have you taken a dose of solitude and reflection to fight off those pesky demons that are running a muck?" That would be a wild turn of events in everyday social interaction.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Regurgitating is a part of my mental lexicon

Human change is evident for every man and my most recent metamorphosis have my journey into pod world. When the mustang took some busted glass and the pioneer was looted i had to turn to the white earbuds for moral support. I have been stockpiling podcasts like pixydust in a hope that i one day i can reach audio flight. WWE podcasts, espn soccernet (where you can understand every other word), and anything else that falls under the burnt orange sun.

On Simmons most recent podcast they talked about great new sports ideas to change the scope of the scene. Drop the rim in the WNBA to 8 foot for some sue bird slam action and start an all MJ channel (excluding the wizard wonder years). I figured i would share the a few shades of my kaleidoscope with all -1.25 readers of the blog...

1. You know about the UEFA champions league of soccer... You take the best teams from the best leagues and your throw them all in a steaming pot of the best matchups on the face of the earth. Why isnt the MLS eligible for a champions league bid? (that was a joke right?)

Well what if you took the worst of the worst and put them in a massive tournament would the fair-minded people of this country watch? Take the filth of the relegation and put them on a global stage so that the stars of the scum have a chance to shine. Maybe the tournament could have special rules to really showcase how bad some of these teams are.
Rule 1: the goalkeepers should have to dress up in the mascot outfits. It would allow more overall girth and square-inches to potentially block floppy dog blasts that are coming from the opposing forwards.
Rule 2: the tournament sponsors can only be urinal cake vendors. A classy sponsor like Gatorade or Nike would really detract from the whole overall soul of the tournament.
Rule 3: the tournament bracket must be made of an odd amount of teams. The sheer confusion about who should be playing who would take the tournament to epic depths...

More to come...

Monday, August 03, 2009

Astonishing your external acoustic meatus

The ebb and flow of personal interests has always been something that snags my attention. Why does this one activity resonate so deeply with some and falls on deaf ears and blind eyes to another? It is commonplace and correct to say that we were created in our diversity to enjoy different qualities and to have an affinity for different activities.

The new interest in my life has been creation. As someone who is not seen as an artist or a large scale creator of any means the tension has been building. Everyone needs a creative outlet to flesh out a piece or part of their spiritual gifts (it helps loosen up the weight on the soul). I know that my spiritual gift has most recently been my fire tongue and the ability to ramble, rant, and regenerate in a New York minute. A true blessing and a curse. The power to harness that spiritual gift is sometimes harder than identifying your gift.

What does it look like to harness the gift for the Kingdom of God? What does it look like to harness your gift for amusement or entertainment? That is the struggle that I waging war with. I have been in the driver's seat blasting out some early days podcasts back like me and my boy Cliff used to when we were buckwheats. Looking for a creative outlet that maybe just someday might pay me to do. Finding the balance to splash about sports, history, politics, and life can be difficult for a 20's something that has taken more attraction in turbos, retro Jordans, and Video Games rather than posting up and reading the Declaration of Independence, brushing up on how bills really make it to the president's desk, and finding a deeper level of meaning to dig my claws in a social injustice.

Stay true, find a way to channel your energy and gifts for God's work, and let the extra-curricular blessings flow.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Pitch is parading in my mind

Seeing a group of 100 hooligans that hopped the pond for a friendly at JerryWorld was quite the sight. As astonishing as their crooked teeth, buckwheat underarm hair, and barmy stench was, their passion for Chelsea was uncanny. You hear about the tailgating caravans of the SEC but the rowdy brits stood the entire time flippin the bird at everyone who didn't have Chelsea blue on their backs. The Club America fans brought the funk as well with smoke bombs and a melee of aribas from the get go. We wanted to see the shining stars like Drogba, Terry, and Lampard but Chelsea's 2nd tier was just as exciting as U.S. soil. Franco Di Santo was the vision as he involved in all of the scoring action for Chelsea. End of story was the hypnosis of the 60 yard HD screens at JerryWorld netted 2 for Chelsea and nil for club America.. Quality Time.

I have accepted the call to mount up and to choose a EPL team for the upcoming season and even though i have tried to deny the bandwagon a la 95'-97' chi-town bulls i am about to crack. It looks like I ready to join Russ at Stamford Bridge to paint the town blue... Time to cram for the upcoming EPL season...

I am beginning to take pride in being a slow and methodical reader because it allows all my buddies to do the scope and recon work on some of the popular reads out there... Currently tearing thru the Lone Survivor but i have some good potential on the radar as well. Lance and Ninja nation have definitely been some scholarly inspiration.

GiRodeo Out

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Life of an Islander...

Most people are showcasing their new baby or new pet but I will present to you neverlanders a glimpse at my gleaming beacon of humanity. Open Seasame...
Ok well maybe that doesn't encompass my state of living or happiness but i will throw up a few pictures that encapsulate my new Nashville livin...

Little stickball eh...
Livin @ the Dell Fortress...

Local shukin and jivin...

Actually I have been loving it up for the most part. Playing basketball after work up at Dell and tearing through the facilities at Lipscomb have kept me busy. Lipscomb is pretty legit and definitely has a ACU feel to it expect it is on a honey i shrunk the kids level in comparison. Vandy football season is rolling in and I already have 2 season tickets so it will be cool to rock some SEC action.

Holla back... hopefully not 3 months later this time.